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Test Bank

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Test Bank

The OpenStax group has a decent test bank that comes with their textbook. You can find these under "Instructor Resources."  (requires email registration).


Weekly Quizzes

I use the OpenStax questions as the basis for required weekly quizzes, with a few questions I add myself. Then, those quiz questions appear on the exams. If you want to use my quizzes, they are on the Canvas LMS, and you can email me for access.  


Mixed Format Exams

For the midterm and final exams, I use a mixed format given over two class sessions. For the in-class session, I use a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions. At the next class session, there is a take-home essay due. 


Essay Rubric

The take-home essay, both for the midterm and the final, is some version of "using your sociological imagination," to analyze a character in one of the documentary films screened in class, or some current event. I spend one class session earlier in the semester on "How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay." I also schedule extra office hours to meet with students and help them with their essays.  


The Essay Rubric is based on the guidelines explained in that lecture. 

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