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A Learning Management System (LMS) can be a convenient way to provide students with access to materials outside of class and to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom. 



The majority of faculty use Blackboard as their LMS. However, Blackboard is not "open," as suggested by Open Educational Resources. In fact, Blackboard operates as a "walled garden" that requires payment for access. Students typically pay for access when they pay tuition. For the purpose of the Hunter Zero Cost program, using Blackboard is considered zero cost to students. For faculty at CUNY (and many other places), Blackboard has the advantage of being supported by the institution. So, for example, student emails are automatically entered into each course at the beginning of the semester. And, if there are problems with Blackboard, there is some institutional help available. 



I use Canvas as my LMS, which is zero cost to students, and set it to be public facing, or "open." The version I use is an individual account, not an institutional account (supported by my institution). Because of this, student emails are not automatically populated into the course site and must be added by the instructor. You can view my SOC101 course on Canvas. If you would like an invitation to join the course site and make a copy of it to use, just send me an email



Another LMS that some people use is Moodle, which is an open-source platform (meaning you can access and adjust the code). I haven't used it but hear good things about it. 



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